What your neighbors say…

We recently had our puppy, Charlie, spayed by one of your vets. It was the easiest spay experience EVER. She had zero issues with recovery, no swelling or redness ever (we didnt even need to use the cone of shame!). I am convinced that her easy recovery is thanks to the skill of the vet and the laser treatment. Plus your techs are sweet, knowledgeable and happy to answer all our questions. Money well spent! Thank you!


Thanks you guys! I believe we get such a high level of care at your hospital. Your docs are all very knowledgeable and talented! Our Pug Shou Yi has gone through spaying, anal gland removal, tumor removal, hypothyroidism and 2 successful knee surgeries. Most recently Owen has been treated for hot spots in his foot pads and canine cough. We always get good resolution and I have so much faith in you! Thank you so much.


We have brought our female boxer to you guys for the last year, now her baby brother. Prior to our pups it was my parents labs. We drive all the way from the Island/Colchester are to bring our babies to you. Staff is always so friendly and we feel like our babies get the time/care they deserve.


We have been with the Animal Hospital of Hinesburg through all the happy and all the sad times for many years. They are the best! We would never think of going to any other clinic for the care of our pet family.



She’s there for you when work gets hard.
She’s there for you when life is rough.
She’s there for you when you need a friend.
Now, you get to be there for her.
Give us a call, and let’s protect her together.