Hinesburg Veterinary Associates

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Our Doctors at Animal Hospital of Hinesburg

Dr. Rich ArmstrongDr. Rich Armstrong  (with "Desi")

Dr. Armstrong has been with the Animal Hospital of Hinesburg since 2000 and became an owning partner in 2010. After graduating from the University of Georgia in 1995, he practiced in Virginia before moving with his wife Kristin, also a veterinarian, to Vermont - one of the best decisions they ever made. Rich has a special interest in laser surgery, wound therapy, and practice management. Rich and Kristin live in Hinesburg, where Rich enjoys activities like fishing and playing drums in a band. At home, 2 cats, 2 Golden Retrievers, and a former Bahamian street dog provide a constant reason (along with Rich's cooking) to smile. 

Dr. Ellen FosterDr. Ellen Foster, DACVIM (with "Finnigan" and "Lila")

Ellen Foster, DVM, DACVIM, is our internal medicine specialist. She splits her time between seeing general practice patients and seeing dogs and cats referred from other veterinarians for endoscopy, ultrasound, or advice on a difficult case. She graduated from veterinary school at the Ohio State University in 1982. She then spent 3 years at the Animal Medical Center in New York City completing her specialty training in internal medicine and neurology, after which she (thankfully) moved to Vermont. Ellen has been at the Animal Hospital of Hinesburg since 2004. When not at work, she is an avid gardener and recently completed the Extension Master Gardener course through UVM. She lives with her husband Gary and 2 hulking sons, soon to leave home. She's sad to say that Gary is allergic to cats, so she does not have 12. Her 2 dogs are the Brittany, Finnigan, who is a hooligan, and Lila, of unknown breed, who is the perfect southern bell. 

Dr. Kurt KenneyDr. Kurt Kenney

The Animal Hospital of Hinesburg has had Dr. Kenney on board since 2004. A Midwesterner, Kurt graduated from Iowa State in 1983. Dr. Kenney completed an internship and residency in surgery at the Animal Medical Center in New York City and brings this special service to our practice. Kurt sees surgical referrals from across the area. His special surgical interests are orthopedic, soft tissue, and oncologic procedures, especially those that can benefit from the use of a surgical laser. Kurt lives on Limping Dog Farm in Brandon with his wife, Sharon, two cats, and one orthopedically challenged white Golden Retriever. Kurt loves biking, trail running, cross-country skiing, and anything to do with soccer (especially coaching and rooting for his beloved Manchester United).


Dr. Pat LeaveyDr. Patrick Leavey

Dr. Leavey has worked as a veterinarian in Vermont since 2009 after graduating from Tufts Veterinary School.  Pat loves working with dogs and cats, but also has a particular interest in working with exotic species, including reptiles, small mammals, and birds. Things are busy at home in South Burlington for Pat and his wife Anna, with a young son and daughter. and a black lab named "Fred".  In the little spare time that exists after chasing toddlers and a dog who eats everything, Pat enjoys playing the piano and the guitar and golfing at the crack of dawn.