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It's black fly season!


An unavoidable nuisance in some parts of our area, black flies can feast on our pets just as they feast on us.  These little buggers can leave scary looking lesions on the sparsely haired regions of dogs, especially their underbellies and insides of the ears for erect-eared dogs like German Shepherds.  Our technician Rachel took these photos of her dog "Dexter" after being outside on a day when the black flies were especially bad. 

As you can see, these bites can quickly evolve from lipstick red bruise-like spots to sores that look like targets.  Believe it or not, most dogs don't seem to mind.  However, we occasionally see dogs that are very sensitive to black fly bites.  The good news is we can help you prevent black flies getting the best of your furry friend and we can help soothe them if your pooch is one that's sensitive to them.  Give us a call today!  Thanks to Rachel and "Dexter" for his willingness to bare all in the name of education!