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Internal Medicine

Dr. Ellen Foster, DACVIM, is a board-certifed veterinary internist who sees pets on referral from other veterinarians in our area as well as pets from our own clientele.  These pets usually come to Dr. Foster with severe or complex medical issues.  She has specialized training and capabilities to help diagnose and treat these sometimes critically ill pets.  Dr. Foster is able to offer a wide range of services and procedures based on her clinical expertise.  These include but are not limited to: 

    • Ultrasound*Dr. Foster performing an ultrasound exam
      • abdominal
      • cardiac
      • ultrasound-guided biopsies

* ultrasound is a painless procedure in which sound waves are used to visualize internal parts of the body

  • Endoscopy*
    • Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy (examination of the esphagus, stomach, and intestines)
    • Lower gastrointestinal endoscopy (examination of the colon and rectum)
    • Bronchoscopy (examination of the larger airways leading to the lungs)
    • Rhinoscopy in larger dogs (examination of the nasal cavity)

* endoscopy is a procedure that uses a flexible tube-like medical instrument called an endoscope to examine and biopsy hollow organs like the stomach, intestines, colon, and airways; it can also be used to retreive some types of swallowed foriegn objects 

  • Neurology consultations, including CSF taps
  • Internal medicine consultations


If you are a pet owner, click here for instructions on how we can assist you and your family veterinarian if you are interested in our internal medicine services.

If you are a veterinarian, click here for guidelines on how to refer to Dr. Foster.