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Referral/Specialty Services at Hinesburg Veterinary Associates Referring Veterinarian Guidelines

Thanks for considering our referral services at Hinesburg Veterinary Associates.  If you would like to refer a patient for internal medicineacupuncture/traditional Chinese medicinesurgery, or animal rehabilitation, your client can call the Animal Hospital of Hinesburg (802-482-2955) directly for an appointment.  We appreciate a faxed or mailed report of all relevant information at least a day or two before the appointment.  Your client can bring pertinent radiographs with him or her. 

In addition to the above services, the veterinarians at Hinesburg Veterinary Associates also have significant experience with cancer chemotherapy.  These cases do not have to be referred to a specific doctor.  Give either hospital a call if you would like to discuss a referral for chemotherapy.

Hinesburg Veterinary Associates has a general practice as well as our referral service, but we have very strict rules about treating a patient only for it's referral problem; all routine and other problems are always referred back to the family veterinarian.